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12-Month-Old baby

"Happy Birthday to You and Your Baby"

Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! We are grateful to have been able to support you from the bottom of our hearts.

Looking back this past 1 year, I honestly cannot remember how I got through the first 3 months of utter chaos. However, I can confidently say that this year has been the happiest year of my life.

I know that there will be a continuous stream of challenges throughout this parenting journey until my child has turned into an adult.

But each time I hit a wall, I will remember my first year of nurturing my baby and I hope you will too. Do remember all the effort that you have put into loving your baby, and the highs and lows as these are treasured moments.

Here’s our last message and I wish you all the best to you and your baby

Poko Chan

A message from a mother’s point of view. "Results are Secondary"

We grown-ups tend to measure our baby by results such as 

"My baby has learned to roll over/My baby cannot roll over"

"My baby was able to sleep for this many hours"

"Her baby can do this and that but mine cannot."

It is a blessing that you can watch your baby grow regardless of how fast or slow they tend to pick up new skills. Remember that it is not about what you or your baby can or cannot do. It’s simply about you being there for your baby.

When things get rough, try not to think about the performance of your baby compared to others; but focus on the simple fact that you and your baby’s existence are both a miracle and a blessing.

This thought is not only for all the moms in the world but also for all the dads and grandparents out there. 

Focusing too much on results will only cause the mom to worry. Trust me when I say that your baby is just fine by being there for him/her.

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