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1-Month-Old baby

"Made it Through the First Month"

How was your first month with your newborn baby?

You are probably starting to understand your baby’s personality bit by bit.

Meanwhile, your body has not been fully recovered yet so try to relax as much as possible. If your baby is sleeping why not take a nap with him/her?

Here’s a message from MamyPoko. Enjoy!

Poko Chan

A message from a mother’s point of view. "One Tiny Eyelash"

You were one cranky little baby today.

I am so exhausted from doing everything I could think of to make you stop crying.

After hours of crying, you finally stopped. While looking at your face I found a tiny eyelash stuck onto your upper eyelid, probably from the tears you have shed.

Looking at that I started to cry. I told myself that I am this baby's mother. 

I told myself that I am the one who has to protect her/him.

You may cry tomorrow as much as you did today, but I will be a stronger mother who will be there to comfort you.

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