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5-Month-Old baby

"Happy 5 Months!"

Your baby is 5 months old. You will probably hear other moms talking about baby food right around this time. You might even be worried that other babies have already started to eat baby food.

No worries. You feel that way only because you are a caring mother who tries to do her best for her little one. 

Here is a message from MamyPoko. Enjoy!

Poko Chan

A message from a mother’s point of view. "No Correct Answer"

There is no 1 correct way of raising a child which makes it harder for the mother to decide how to raise her baby. 

You can have all the time in the world but that 1 correct answer will never present itself.

All you need to do is take it day by day which will lead you to a moment where you can confidently say that you cared for your baby with all your heart.

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