Let’s join our PointProgram


Collect points and get rewarded!

Register your points using the unique code found inside the packaging.

If you download our App, you can easily register your points by simply scanning the code using your phone camera.


Exchange your points into special rewards!

You can visit our Rewards Catalogue in the App for the list of rewards available.


Participate in our events to collect bonus points!

If you approach Poko Chan in any of our events using the "Poko Chan Check-in", you may get bonus points from Poko Chan with the App!

This bonus is exclusively for both Lite and Regular Members only.

* We will inform you about any "Poko Chan event" nearby your area through a push notification! (This value added notification is only available for Regular Members.)


Play Poko Chan Baby Soother Song and you may be able to stop your Baby's cries! ♪

Poko Chan's Happy Song makes both mummy and baby happy. Try it today!


Cute Poko Chan animation!

Each time you open the App or register new points, Poko Chan will do a variety of actions.

Besides that, there are plenty of other valuable information and special birthday promos for all registered members ♪

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