Maternity and Hospitalisation

Maternity and Hospitalisation

The BIG day has finally arrived. You are about to be a mother now. Let’s look at some tips on how you can manage your first maternity hospitalisation better.

Check List

Signs of Labour

Ensure that you have signs of labour such as rupture of membrane and contractions.


Hospital registration card

Insurance card (if any)

Pre-natal records from your doctor’s office

Name of your baby’s paediatrician (if any)

Birth plan (if any)

Basic Needs

Mother’s clothing (Lots of underpants, loose & comfortable clothes, slippers, toiletries, maternity pads, etc)

Baby’s clothing (Diapers, receiving blanket, mittens, socks, etc)

Newborn diapers

Mother’s food & snacks (Mineral water, juices, yogurt, chocolate bar, fresh fruits, etc)

Other things such as massage oil, lotions, medications, etc

Hospital Stay

Most of the questions about your hospital stay will already be addressed when you choose your doctor & hospital. Make sure that you are well-versed on the hospital’s procedures and regulations. Seek help from the attending nurses should you need further assistance.

Welcome Home Baby

Taking your baby home is a joyful yet daunting experience for new parents. Find out more on how you can better prepare to take your baby home at our Welcome Home Baby page.

update : 19.09.2017

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