Will my belly shrink as it's supposed to?

Your belly gets amazingly big when you're pregnant.
Whether your belly will really return to its original size after baby is born is naturally a source of worry.
Let's take a look at the changes that take place in the postpartum belly and how to care for it.

What happens to my belly after birth?

When my baby is born, will my belly go back like it was right away?

Or will it stay like this for a while?

In order to alleviate those kinds of worries, let's take a look at how the belly changes after birth.

Right after birth, it's still surprisingly large

There are probably lots of mamas who think that they'll give birth and then leave the hospital wearing their cute pre-pregnancy clothes. But actually, right after birth the belly doesn't get as flat as you might think. So either getting some bigger clothes or using your maternity wear will be just about right.

It shrinks along with the contracting of the uterus

You may think, "Both the baby and the placenta came out, so why won't my belly go back right away?" The reason that the belly doesn't go back right away after giving birth is that the uterus is still big. The belly will return to its original size along with the contracting of the uterus.

Even if your weight goes back down, what about your figure?

The weight you gained over your pre-pregnancy weight, after subtracting 4-5kg of weight for the baby, the placenta, and the amniotic fluid, is the weight that's stored as fat. It's best to take about 6 months after birth to return to your original size. But even if your weight goes back to how it was before, it's hard for your figure to return. Mamas who want to get back their pre-pregnancy figures need to use postpartum shapewear and do special exercises. Do your best!

Will the stretch marks disappear?

Unfortunately, once a stretch mark is formed, it will not disappear completely. But while the marks were probably red and very noticeable during pregnancy, after birth the redness fades and they'll turn white, so they won't be nearly as noticeable as they were during pregnancy.

How can I get my belly back like it was?

A mama, after all, is a woman.

So it's natural for you to want to get back your pre-pregnancy figure.

So what can you do to get your belly back to how it was?

Getting your pelvis back in shape is the top priority!

The pelvis, which opened up for birth, will attempt to return to its original condition for about 2 months after birth. However, you have fewer muscles after birth, so it may not go back the way you think it should. If the pelvis stays open, the body stores up subcutaneous fat in order to protect the internal organs, which can cause postpartum fatness. It's important to also help the pelvis return to its original condition by binding it with a girdle.

However, restoring your body after birth is the first priority. If you put a girdle on or do sit-ups right after birth, it can cause urine leakage. Wait at least 7-8 weeks after birth to start exercising, and pay close attention to how you're feeling.

Postpartum exercise

To get rid of the belly and back flab that piles on easily during pregnancy, it's good to tone your back and abdominal muscles.

We'll introduce some exercises you can do easily at home, so be sure to try them out.

Exercises to tighten your belly

1. While sitting in a chair with your posture relaxed, open your legs about 60 degrees and plant your feet firmly.

2. Place your hands on your belly and, while saying out loud "a, e, i, o, u," pull in your stomach.

With one round of "a, e, i, o, u" constituting one set, aim at doing 10 sets per day.

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